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Fire safety is a very important issue for all buildings worldwide, in particular when it concerns the safety of humans and animals.



The rules and standards vary from country to country. RSP® cast iron pipes, cast iron fittings and fire resistant couplings already meet the current regulations of many European countries.


For fire safety, structural works and buildings must be organised, erected, modified and maintained in such a way that:


•    fire is prevented from starting
    the spread of fire and smoke (fire propagation) is prevented
    humans and animals can be rescued in case of a fire
    fire-fighting operations can be carried out effectively


These are the basic fire-safety objectives which planners, architects, construction companies and installation technicians have to meet.


The products must be fire resistant and, depending on the use of the building component, may only ignite after a defined time of fire exposure. There are limits to the temperature of flue gases, release of energy and smoke generation. There must also be no self-propagation of fire, progressive glowing combustion and/or smouldering and no flaming debris or flaming droplets.


In the case of fire, integrity must be guaranteed in ALL DIRECTIONS.


The integrity of construction works as separating elements is ensured if, for a defined minimum period of time, they prevent fire propagation and ensure integrity for adjacent sections of building works including around connections and junctions, and if there is no smoke generation and no flaming debris or flaming droplets from components on the unexposed side. Prevention of fire propagation must always be ensured for any possible direction of fire exposure (e.g. from inside to outside and from outside to inside).


RSP® cast iron pipes and fittings have the highest fire classification: fire resistance A1 in accordance with the German standard DIN 4102 and fulfil all requirements!


In the case of fire this means:


 no spreading of fire to adjacent rooms

 no smoke generation

 no toxic vapours and gases

 no progressive glowing combustion and/or smouldering

 no flaming droplets/debris


  • Cast iron pipe systems by RSP®, classified as fire resistant building materials, are the optimum material for all applications with fire safety requirements.


With this information we wish to clarify that the responsibility and duty of verification lie with the specialist planners and the specialised executing company. Insurance companies have already indicated that they will pursue and check this issue in more detail.


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