Our philosophy

The highest quality

Highest quality standards

Manufacturing in accordance with
DIN EN 877

Our products are manufactured strictly according to DIN EN 877 and tested by independent institutes in Germany (LGA, Würzburg) and Europe (e.g. KIWA, Gost-R). They are subject to regular internal and external monitoring, which guarantees a consistently high quality level. External monitoring by independent institutes, which is not required by DIN EN 877, is a quality standard that we are happy to fulfil for our customers.



Cast iron is a very resistant product that can be completely recycled and thus protects the environment. Pipe waste on construction sites can be disposed of free of charge.

ISO 9001 certified

Manufacturing and all processes within the manufacturing plants, which are certified in accordance with ISO 9001, are carried out according to the latest standards.


Visual inspection  

Prior to delivery, our goods pass through several stations, such as quality control and dispatch in the factory, storage and picking in our own warehouse, where the quality is visually inspected again.



We are constantly improving materials and production processes to ensure that the quality of our products also meets future requirements.

Cast iron

Cast iron is a traditional material that has been used as a cast pipe for drainage for centuries. Thanks to their good properties, cast iron pipes have prevailed over other materials. Wall thicknesses have been significantly reduced, coatings have been considerably further developed and collars have been replaced by coupling systems.


The European standard (DIN) EN 877 defines the requirements for materials and dimensions as well as the mechanical properties and coatings for cast iron fittings and pipes. The condition of the couplings is also precisely described here. RSP® products meet not only the strict guidelines of EN 877 but also much higher quality criteria, which are important for the smooth, long-term use of our products, as all our certificates demonstrate. Certification of the production facilities according to the latest quality assurance standards (ISO 9001) is a matter of course for us.


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