Collarless sewage system specially for bridge construction


Casting quality

BML pipes and BML fittings made from cast iron with flake graphite in accordance with DIN 1561.



Corrosion- and weathering-resistant outer coating for pipe laying on outdoor sites. High resistance to surface water from roads containing salt or oil, thus suitable for the specific requirements in bridge construction.


Inner coating

BML pipes: Epoxy resin approx. 100-130 µm ochre yellow

BML fittings: Base coat (70 µm) + top coat (80 µm) according to ZTV-ING Sheet 87


Outer coating

BML pipes: approx. 40 µm (epoxy resin) + approx. 80 µm (epoxy resin) in accordance with DB 702

BML fittings: Base coat (70 µm) + top coat (80 µm) according to ZTV-ING Sheet 87

Areas of application

Our BML pipes are designed specially for bridge construction. The strict requirements of Deutsche Bahn according to TL/TP, Sheet 87, apply to the use of this widespread drainage system on road or railway bridges. The strictly regulated product guidelines are fulfilled by RSP® in all respects. As mechanical stability and corrosion protection are elementary requirements in bridge construction, cast iron with special coating variants is ideally suited to this application.

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