Collarless sewage system specifically for laying directly in the ground


Casting quality

TML pipes and TML fittings made from cast iron with flake graphite in accordance with
DIN 1561.



Robustness and high corrosion protection thanks to the high-quality coating with zinc and epoxy resin distinguish this TML product range from RSP®.



Single or double-screw couplings made from special steel (material no. 1.4301 or 1.4571).


Inner coating

TML pipes: Epoxy resin ochre yellow

approx. 100-130 µm

TML fittings: Epoxy resin brown

approx. 200 µm


Outer coating

TML pipes: approx. 130 g/m² (zinc) and 60-100 µm (epoxy top coat)

TML fittings: approx. 100 µm (zinc) and approx. 200 µm epoxy powder brown

Areas of application

Our TML pipes were specifically developed for laying directly in the ground in accordance with DIN EN 877 and connect building construction with the sewer system. The high-quality coatings of the TML range provide maximum protection against corrosion, even in aggressive soils. This makes the parts suitable even if the pH value of the soil is high. Due to the high compressive strength of the pipes, installation is also possible for heavy-duty loads in roads under certain circumstances.

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