Collarless sewage system for aggressive sewage from kitchens or laboratories


Casting quality  

KML pipes and KML fittings:
Cast iron with flake graphite in accordance with DIN 1561


Inner coating

KML pipes: Epoxy resin ochre yellow 220-300 µm

KML fittings: Epoxy powder, grey, approx. 250 µm


Outer coating

KML pipes: 130g/m2 (zinc) and approx. 60 µm (grey epoxy top coat)


KML fittings: Epoxy powder, grey, approx. 250 µm 

Areas of application

Our KML pipes are suitable for aggressive wastewater in the field of kitchens and hospitals or industrial facilities such as laundries or laboratories. 


Hot, greasy and aggressive wastewater in these areas requires the inner coating to offer increased resistance. The special requirements became the decisive factor for the development of the KML system by RSP®. In cooperation with paint manufacturers, coating materials have been developed precisely for this extreme area of application. Excellent casting quality and the resulting smooth surface finish enable excellent bonding of the coating materials with the pipes and fittings. 


Numerous reference objects will also convince you of our KML pipes.

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