Cast iron

Proven and future-proof

Fire resistance

According to DIN 4102, cast iron is classified as building material class A1 “non-combustible”, without combustible components, due to its very high melting point. In the event of a fire, it does not spread any toxic vapours, i.e. rescue and escape routes remain clear, as the cast iron pipe systems do not melt and therefore do not collapse.

Outstanding sound values

What’s more, thanks to the high density of the material, cast iron enables excellent sound values to be achieved, which is a great advantage compared to other materials in our increasingly noisy and hectic environment and increasingly strict regulations.

Sustainable and resource-friendly

Collarless cast iron pipes are almost 100% made from recycled material and do not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Waste during processing can be easily disposed of.

Cost reduction

These advantages are rarely considered in a direct comparison between plastic pipes and cast iron pipes, but can lead to considerable cost savings in the long run. 

Pressure up to 10 bar

Collarless cast iron pipes are connected with steel screw couplings with EPDM rubber inserts. This increases the stability compared to e.g. a plug-in collar. Fewer fasteners are therefore required. At high pressure, such as occurs during changes in flow direction or also in roof drainage systems, a simple claw is sufficient to increase the stability of the connection from 0.5 bar to up to 10 bar.

Regardless of whether it is a simple building drainage system in building construction, a laboratory or canteen kitchen drainage system, a connection to the sewer in the ground or the construction of a bridge:

RSP offers a suitable collarless sewage system for every application. Continuous systems can be realised with our complete product range. We develop and manufacture tailor-made special solutions for new areas of application and special dimensions. As a consulting partner for retailers, architects, planners and tradespeople, we find the right solution that saves time and money right from the start, is durable and robust. See for yourself and find the right product!

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