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Couplings for building construction, civil engineering and bridge construction

Our couplings are available in various designs with nominal spans from DN40 to DN400 and adapted to the respective areas of application.


The simple assembly makes the RSP® couplings reliable and economical. Developed with practical orientation in mind, they offer the optimum solution in every area. These are also available in materials such as stabilised ferritic chromium steel (1.4150/11), austenitic chromium-nickel-molybdenum steel (1.4571-INOX).


Sealing sleeves made from EPDM material are used for building drainage. As the sealing sleeves are of NBR quality, it is also possible to use them for oil- and petrol-contaminated wastewater.


Solid pipe couplings are available for unusual products with particularly large pipe diameters.


Building construction

Axially tensile couplings as screw-in couplings up to 0.5 bar pressure. In conjunction with a claw, it is suitable for pressurised pipes up to 10 bar, which are particularly used for roof drainage systems.


Axially non-tensile couplings as double-screw couplings for non-pressurised lines. In conjunction with a claw, it is suitable for pressurised pipes up to 3 bar. Please note that CV couplings do not fully comply with the latest fire protection regulations.

Civil engineering or bridge construction

Axially tensile and non-tensile couplings in chromium-nickel steel as a rustproof coupling for laying in the ground or outdoors.

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